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About the Government Directory

What's Inside?

  • Biographies & Essential Contacts
  • Political Announcements Updated Daily
  • Full Local & National Government Listings

The New Zealand Government Directory is the country’s most comprehensive source of information on Parliament, politics and the public sector available from one location.

It contains the key information you need to understand what is happening in politics, and to plan and manage your relationship with the country’s most important and critical public sector decision makers and influencers.


It contains real time feeds as political announcements are made, and its unrivaled content is easily accessed through an advanced digital interface that offers unique search and list-making functionality.


Critical data is updated daily, with the entire content being reviewed and updated on a regular basis.


Additional political related information, analysis and advocacy services are available through our Government Relations and Advocacy Group.

The essential database offers a wealth of searchable information at your finger-tips, enabling you to identify the people you need to connect with. The data includes:


  • Biographies and contact details for all Ministers and MPs
  • Information on Cabinet, Select Committees and the workings of Parliament
  • Details of all major Government ministries, departments, statutory bodies and agencies, the judiciary, diplomatic representation and local government
  • Contact details and mailing list creation functionality.


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