About the Directory


Government -  the most powerful of all influencers

Government is our most powerful entity with its influence affecting every individual and organisation.

The working of our Government is democratic, and our legislative process actively encourages public participation.

Using the Government Directory will give you access to a one stop portal that will enable you to identify and action the opportunities available to you.

The New Zealand Government Directory Online arms you with the essential intelligence to:


  • Identify, understand and communicate with relevant individuals and areas of the public sector
  • Follow regulatory and legal changes in progress, policy and political announcements, politically related speeches, news releases and social media conversations.

It gives you the ability to:


  • Create customised databases that can be sorted, collated and managed ‘who’s who’ in Government; decide how they relate to you and who to go through to get to the people you need to connect with;
  • Use tools, templates and protocols to engage with central and local government.
  • Stay in-the-know with all the latest announcements and key dates along with reshuffles, new MP profiling and party policy announcements
  • Identify the people, departments and committees relevant to you
  • Access to latest speeches, news releases, reports and critical event updates which will add further insight to aid in selection of information and timing of activity.
  • Have recourse to an easy reference tool.

Our How To Use This Site explains how to take full advantage of the content available and to make use of the functionality.

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